The Melbourne Society of Model & Experimental Engineers is proud of its strong and active membership.

As would be expected, members come from all works of life with varying levels of skills and expertise.

However the underlying themes are a love of craftsmanship, an appreciation for fine work, and a willingness to share knowledge and to help other members if able.

If you would like to join the society then there is a on-off joining fee of $20 and an annual membership fee of $30.00 (2023). Please come along for a few meetings to get the feel for what we are about, and when you are ready to join, membership application must be made in person and can be done prior to the start of any monthly meeting. (See the Treasurer at his seat on the stage just prior to any meeting.)

For this small cost you will gain access to the society’s extensive reference library and be able to participate in society activities such as the annual auction when one member’s ‘trash’ becomes another member’s ‘treasure’. You will also be eligible to compete annually for the best club model, the best workshop tool, or the best IC engine. These are judged at the December meeting each year.

Membership of the society also entitles members to represent the society at various model engineering exhibitions around the state.
A number of social events are held from time to time to which members and their partners are welcome.